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:thumb: Good job dev :thumb:
The game run at full speed on my crappy laptop !!
Somehow, there is a strange thing, i've to switch every with the different hack to see first the wii advertising, then the menu, then in game the fire and aura of attacks... The problem is that during a combat, i've to choose between to config:
1) Activate hack R844: able to see the fire during attack and aura of power charge. Can't see life bar and pause menu.
2) Activate hack R945: able life bar and pause menu but can't see anymore the fire, aura and this kind of effects.
3)Activate both hack : same result as 2)
Disabling/Enabling other options does nothing interesting!

So anybody as the same issu? Anybody knows a good rev to play?
I have tried Tenkaichi on 5 differents rev, the last one R2448.

My specs: Duo T7500, Geforce 8400M G, 2GB ram
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