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Temporal AA Mouselag

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I upgraded to a 19" LCD monitor today (Acer AL1912) and so decided to try using the temporal AA thingy (which i never used before because i was told it was optimized for LCD screens). my problem is, during UT2003, i get slightly noticeable mouselag... is there anyway of fixing it?
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u guys were right. TAA is just weird O_O. using normal 4x AA makes it run nice and smooth so it wasnt the monitor's fault. i guess TAA taxes a 9800 pro too much !
the display is very good, clear, and sharp. the default settings were WAAY to bright tho, which is the opposite of the CRTs ive used until now. after tweaking it i find it to be vastly superior to my old 17" Dynaflat from Samsung.

i also wanna say that for some reason i see no ghosting or overly painful pixelating when playing UT2004 and CS at 1024, which was my initial worry about this lcd business (since its not the native resolution as u know...). however, its really late over here (3:30) so ill have to see if i can notice it when im nice and awake. :)

so far this monitor is very very good value.
lol yea i agree with the adjustable thing. i wish it cud go UP. the way to adjust it isnt intuitive either cuz there was a guy at tigerdirect that gave it a 1 out of 5 cuz he cudnt figure out how to tilt it and it wasnt in the manual.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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