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Temporal AA Mouselag

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I upgraded to a 19" LCD monitor today (Acer AL1912) and so decided to try using the temporal AA thingy (which i never used before because i was told it was optimized for LCD screens). my problem is, during UT2003, i get slightly noticeable mouselag... is there anyway of fixing it?
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what is ur graphics card. and who ever told u Temporal aa was opimized for LCD lied to u. Temp AA turns on Vsyc which why it locks ur fps at ur refresh rate, it does Aa with every frame, if ur card can stay over the refresh rate it will stay like 75fps if ur refresh rate is 75, if it cant then ur fps will take a drop.

i would suggest you use normal aa. Also try turning off mouse Smoothing.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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