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Tekken 6

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Everyone already saw this coming, but Namco has officially announced Tekken 6 for the PS3, featuring Jin as the lead character. See some artwork here

and a teaser video here

Just look at the detail. Even Jin's sweat is captured! :p
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Yes, but we were given no guarantee that it was anything other than an FMV
Tekken 5 hype is not yet over, so I guess they wont make any major announcements about this one yet, but at least Tekken fans have something to expect on the next-gen consoles.
yeah and we can also get pissed of because it's not here yet ;)
so jin decides to king of the king of the iron fist tournament after all, guttsy guy. i wonder though if heihachi will also come back, get the devil gene and transform, that would be super.

but i reckon namco is going too fast we are still enjoying tekken 5
I still have to play Tekken 5 and they're already planning to release Tekken 6? I really need more free time :)

BTW, judging from the teaser, it looks very promising.
Yeh same here i played it a couple of times in the arcade, but havent really spent any time with it. The teaser is showing some nice details.
tekken 5 was in my opinon very very nice. i still have yet to unlock devin jin in that one. then after that theres soul calibur III...

the figher genre sure is gonna be exciting :)
isn't capcom gonna make a good fighting game in the next gen consoles
Capcom has lots of other games to work on. I don’t think we’ll see a new fighter from them for a long time (if ever)
the what do you think will happen to the street fighter series
The same thing that has been happening since Street Fighter III was released in 1997. Nothing, absolutely nothing, no Street Fighter Sequel, nothing new just a port/rehash here and there.

Street Fighter has been dead for the last seven years. Its sad but thats just the way it is.
yeah i think its sad

but if they want to keep up with the fighting games right now
they would have to make a street fighter fully 3d
comparable to the tekken series
that is if they want to revive it
i think
I think not.
The strength of SF was it's 2d roots. The best they could do in 3d would be to make a fully cell shaded game with no 3d dodging or 3d effects. Simply put the Cell shading would simply add in far more frames of animation (in 2d a kick is about 3 frames, in 3d that'd be 60)
Sammy have shown with the Guilty Gear series that there is still plenty of room for 2d fighters
Isn't the Hyper Street Fighter on the PS2/XBOX Street Fighter Anniversery pack from the arcade? Isn't it a CPS2 game that was released last year? and the next KOF is going to be 2D, so I think 2D may survive...

I wasn't greatly impressed by 3D Street Fighter...
Remember the EX series? those were never any good.

Yeah, maybe they should just go into cell-shading, unless it turns out to be a Bukodai clone.
i really liked and still thinks is my favorite fighting series
street fighter
but capcom has to innovate a find a way to bring it back
with a new version not 3d but not remakes of the same thing
Sasuke said:
Remember the EX series? those were never any good.

Yeah, maybe they should just go into cell-shading, unless it turns out to be a Bukodai clone.
yeah... I got SF EX III played it few times... and than got rid of it... I was so angry about myself that I've bought it...
I hope there will be another new characters on Tekken 6 :)
They always add new characters.

I hope they ditch old characters on Tekken 6.
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