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Tekken 5

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Hi gamers, have you heard about T5? I'm sure you did, because of the other teeken games. You should of played them. If t4 and tag tournament are so good then picture the 5th. They are both classics. But I have to wait a little more. To go and see the new tekken game.This is going to be a awsome game. Tekken 5 is coming. :dance:

The Dragon Gamer
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Can't wait, love the series.
Tekken Tag Tournament was below average and Tekken 4 purely stinked, though, from what I've been told, Tekken 5 finally revives the series.
Tekken Tag was just like Tekken 3 only with more people and the whole tag feature. How could it only be below average?
maybe because they expected a new tekken and not a "remake"?
well the title Tekken 5 caught my eyes, i'm eager =)
not sure. it got some pretty damn good reviews, and i thoroughly enjoyed it.
I wish the closest arcade to me *Erie, Pa* would get it, but they never even replaced their Tekken 4 after the DVD player in it broke... :(
I enjoyed Tekken Tag, but I like tag matches... ;)
I played T5 for hours at the arcade a few weeks back.. very fun, and the little card reader (like F-Zero GX) for your stats, clothes, characters etc adds alot of replay value. Too bad it costed me $5. :p
Per game???? EEK!
i think he ment for 5 hrs? (hopefully). that games been in T.O. for a long time...prolly cuz of the fact taht thers a "pacific mall" nearby. funniest thing i saw was some guy paying it using his ps2 controller by pluggin it into the side >.< he was pretty good too :p beat a lotta challengers using that pad too.
There is a demo out now (for ps2), looking forward to playing it myself :)
No, I meant $5 for the stats card. :p The game was $.50 per play, which isn't bad.
yeah its .75 at the local arcade for me. Which aslo isn't bad, because the one in the mall is $1.00 <_<. Anyway, I've never been a big Tekken fan, I personally like virtua figher more, but soul caliber is the best.
Can't say I like the Tekken series that much, but I'm a 2d fighter enthusiast, so I guess I'm a little biased.
The arcade market is pretty much dead in Mexico so the last big arcade game i saw was Third Strike Sf3 and it wasn't even in my city :cry: Wish i could see those games in arcades other tyhan the ones where you have to punch the little cocodriles.... :cry: :cry:
Every Tekken except the Tag Tournament rocked. Hell, i even considered getting a tattoo like Jin Kazama. I await the 5th.
you didn't like the tag feature i'm guessing?
TTT was basicaly a graphical rehash of T3 with extra characters and an optional tag feature.
Tekken 4 sucked big style. Tekken 4 was what cemented my preference of Soul Calibur and Dead or Alive. DoA2U rox
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