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I'm using 0.9.6, and with my AMDX2 5000+ @2.6GHz, I can play Tekken 5 at an average of 42FPS. So yeah my config is

Native, Texture Filtering, Log-Z, Alpha Correction checked

Everything on the left part checked
VU Skip checked (Frame skip if you don't like VU, but VU gives me 10 more FPS)

Speed Hacks
Use x3 Cycle Rate checked
Everything on the right part checked

Everything default, because it breaks most of the stages. (The black stage on your first screenshot)
Oh and my favorite stage to play is the Final Stage 2 since I noticed it is the least taxing of all the stages. But you can't practice your wall combos there since there are no walls on that stage.

The black vertical lines are apparently the effect of the D3D Internal res in GSDX so you might want to check Native.
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