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So Here I play tekken 3...runs REALLY good (ISO mode because CD mode skips too often), and after I beat ogre and see my ending...the game just completly locks...

This also happens in Tekken Force mode right before you switch levels.....

I know I could cheat to get all endings etc or use a memory card file ..but I want to do it MYSELF.

After searching the forums I found that other people were experiencing this problem too, and I am just wondering if anyone has figured out a workaround (other than using a cheat or someone elses memory card file)

I am on a P3 500 with 1 gig of ram and a Geforce 2 GTS running windows 2k

I am uising all the latest versions of Petes plug-ins (yes..the tekken 3 fix is activated)...

No REAL biggie...just wondering if anyone figured it out yet...
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