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Tekken 3 controller lockup - Help!

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When playing T3, the controller emulation tends to lock up at random, typically at the immediate start of a match, regardless of BIOS used or pretty much anything else (used plugins: Pete's OpenGL and nothing else).

So, what's up?
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Under pete's special game fixes check the option marked Short DMAchain Check.
That game fix won't help him.
It happened to me too in Soul Blade,most of the time it was against Voldo,I couldn't move anymore.
That's right - it didn't. Anyone else?

(Something peculiar - to me the Pete's "fix" for the other bug didn't fix it - it activated it! Everything was fine (apart from the pad lockup thing) before the fix kicked in, and now I'm getting random freezes on top of these pad failures. :mad: Or at least I did, before I disabled the damned thing - hey, maybe Pete should hear about this?)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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