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Tekken 3 audio problem

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For the past few months I've been using my very first CD-ROM drive (4X) after my 44X broke down. Tekken 3 had no problems with this drive. But yesterday, I bought a new ASUS 50Xmax drive, and the CD audio (background music) gut stuttery all of a sudden. When this problem happens (which does almast constantly), the frame rate drops from 60 to below 30. Help!

I'm using ePSXe SPU core 1.4.0 and ePSXe CDR APSI core 1.4.0. These are the same same plugins that I used with my 4X drive.
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Dont asus make crappy cd-rom drives?
Its got to be your new drives no good at reading psx cds.
Could try petes cd plugin and limit it to 2x read though see if that helps
Yeah,several people reported issues in ePSXe with ASUS CDRom drives.
making an iso helps me a lot

Cdrom access used to give me some similar frame drop (music and battle start/end) so i've made an iso. If u have some spare space on your HDD, give it a try...

OAH, with my drive epsxe core CDR plugins was the worst, have u tried some other plugins (following jaz post : pete was the best for me) ?
I have a asus cdrom,and asus cdrom can last very long.

But, it got some problems with psx cds, it always show me corrupted fmvs when i use my asus cdrom to play psx game.

One of the solution is, decrease the speed of your cdrom, the lower the better, it can helps.
Select in country setting to PAL.
I've tried Pete's DirectSound 1.11 plugin and enabled "slow timer settings" but it didn't fix the problem. Same with Null's latest...

How do I fix the drive's speed to 2x using Pete's plugin? Or do I have to use some third party software? I'm currently d/ling Asus' cdspeed.exe which does just that, and I'll see what happens...

For Pete's plugin, all you have to do is check the box Try to limit speed (not supported by all drives). The default limited speed is 2X.
i got asus 50x no problem at all use petes cdr 1.7 and update your aspi
Ryos: I didn't know I could limit the speed to 2x since I was referring to Pete's SPU plugin only. I didn't know that it's on the CDR plugin, not the SPU one. I've tried it but it didn't fix the problem.

FireGL: Update my ASPI? How do I do that?
Select 'Pal' on the 'Options'\'Country setting' on epsxecutor to have the perfect timing!!!!!!!
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