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Sorry guys if this is a stupid question but.

Will there be an emu for PS2 as in will epsxe be able to manage it.

I havent a notion of whats involved but please someone enlighten me.

If its a legal thing there is no prob I would go out and buy a ps2 machine today if I thought I could play the games on my laptop.


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Hmm, I wonder if PS2 emulators will be able to run PSX discs. The PS2 is backwards compatible with most PSX games, right?

I doubt it. You would have to emulate both features correctly for it to work and that would be quite hard. It would be easier to just emulate the PS2 game playing hardware, than also trying to make it backwards compatable w/PSX games. But this is really a moot point because there is no working PS2 emulator right now and none have been announced.
BTW, this is why the Sega CD is so hard to emulate. Besides emulating the Genesis and it's two processors, the CD unit and it's one serperate processor must also be emulated. Then the three processors must be synchronized to work correctly so as to be able to run the CDs. This has proven to be extremely difficult.
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