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Not sure if you guys ever tried this out, but all I can say is.. I have huge fun with just the crossbow. Indeed I was trying to tamper with Half life 2 physics.. and I was amazed to see how awsome the engine can do. Lets pictures do the talking. All I can say the way I mess around is, that. First I picked a good angle in front of the combine/or other. Aimed my crossbow according to where I want to nail the body at (it can be a wall, on some object, etc, etc. Then the fun begins, rather you driven the head of a corpse onto the wall.. you can still use yer crossbow to nail the rest of the body (arms, legs, whatever you want to do). Now.. the fun didn't end here. Heck, I crucify a combine one time.. but after nailed his arms/legs at a perspective view, I continue to do it on a different angle..and amazingly would move the coprse around... slightly manipulate depending on where you nail the new arrow.

here are some results LOL:
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