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Altight i have issues with Dolphin.

System Specs:
Athlon x2 5400+ @ 3.3ghz
2gb kingston hyperX 1066 5-5-5-15 memory @ 1100 5-4-5-10
Radeon 4670

I am having issues with dolphin while trying to emulate Tales of Symphonia.
The emulator is telling me "perfect" under the emulation column, and yet i cant seem to get past the beginning with the school.

(i get random lockups after dialogue)

I am also having speed issues. I did not have any sort of speed issues at all with WinXP (the game flew at 60fps~ constant with high-res and AA/AF maxed out.) I am not sure why vista would make such an impact on performance.

PCSX2 is a completely different emulator, i know, but PS2 emulation is a system resource hog, and yet i seem to get all of my PS2 games running at full speed in Vista, I just cant replicate this with my Gamecube games (i only own one, so Tales of Symphonia is the only game i am comfortable testing at this point)

I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions. I am going to try to duplicate my issue and take a screenshot of it, I will edit this post according to what happens.

Speed issues (tales of symphonia)
Lockup after dialogue (tales of symphonia)


It freezes right after this, nothing responds, FPS stops where it is (doesnt drop to 0, it just freezes)

Please help.

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I hear there are problems using Idle skipping and Other Audio, i would turn off Idle skip and keep other audio on, with your system that should give a good speed.

Also check native resolution, see if that helps?

Make sure your drivers aree up to date.


i Run TOS on a laptop, 1gb ram, 8400m GS, AMD TURION X2 vista 32

and its full speed for me, except for some slight slowdowns.

It does freeze now and then but i can play it for a bout several hours without any pproblems.

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yeah thats odd, perhaps i need to clean up my vista installation.

I have buggered the boot sector of this disk with 4 different windows installs (only 2 of which are good by the way).
So that may be my problem, because i seem to remember getting full speed out of this game not long ago.

Its funny because PCSX2 was slow and Dolphin was perfect, and now its just the opposite.

I fixed my crashing/freezing bug by using the 2165 revision.

I see alot of people asking for older revisions and such, so i will spare you the trouble and give you a link to help you out.

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