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tales of destiny

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when i play TOF,its "smooth" (50fps) all the way to a village named Calvanese.There's a special graphics effect that makes the game run SUPER laggy,less than 1fps on lewpys glide. Its allright with petes soft,but i cant use petes soft cos it doesnt work in some areas in the game...
Anyway,any idea how to get rid the use of that special graphic effects through tweaking the config in lewpys plugin???

P.S.the effects are heatwaves ....they look great on petes soft,but appear to be only horizontal lines in lewpys plugin
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wat do u mean how to get it to work??
I use the latest version of adripsx,lewpys glide,null2 sound,and petes cdr 1.2
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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