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EDIT: Okay, well... I found something to convert that DexDrive file to .mc and it could now be read by epsxe. ^^ All better. Thanks anyway!

Okay... Let's just say... I was stupid and didn't know it was the end of disc one... So I didn't save... Then I accidentally saved state over my only save BEFORE where it asked me to save... So now I have no way to get to disc 2 without replaying the entire disc 1... So... Is this the proper place to ask if anyone could send me a epsxe memory card file with a save game at the end of the disc one? (The memcards\epsxe000.mcr file)? Or maybe forward me to where I could find one? (I tried the dexdrive files at gamefaqs but I take it those aren't compatible?) Or maybe point me to the correct forum to ask this in? ^^

Thanks. =)
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