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Tales of Destiny 2 sound issue

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Using a V5 and Lewpy's plug, I noticed that the in-game speech gets really choppy. I've tried making the adjustments on ALL the sound plugins (everything from pete's to eternal) with very little success. Therefore, I ruled out sound plug issue.

To solve the problem I realized that the off-screen must be set to EXTRA or below. Doing so, "fixed" the cracking sound only to a point, but listening carefully you can still hear the cracks.

Does anyonw else have this problem? Is this an emulator issue or a pluggin issue? I have SB Live!.
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have your onscreen fps enabled and c if itz runnin' at full speed. if it is u shouldnt be havin' any prob w/ ingame sounds for dis game.
i finish tod2 and never had that problem cracking sound on speech well usually it happens when your fps is to high or toooo lowwwwww!!! be sure to set a fps limit..

BTW i use iori spu :D
my fps limit is set to 60 fps, and my sustained fps never drops below 60 except for battle transitions.
not sure if Lewpy's GPU plugin has frame skipping or not, but if it does, enable it. This will help keep the game in snyc while speech is being used. This same thing does wonders for games such as Lunar 1, 2, and Grandia.
I've found that the good old Seal SPU is the only sound plugin that doesnt stutter on my pos system. I have all the settings at lowest possible, but its 20 times better than having something like the Eternal SPU going "hu..guy.. puh..dey..plah.."
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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