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taking screenshots

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I tried to take a screenshot of tekken 3 when I was playing. I read in an FAQ, that you had to press F8 to take a screenshot. But when I did, the program just closed. What should I do?
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I am using Kazzuya Software Driver ALPHA 1.6.
I have already used oother plug-ins, but it just won't work.
Originally posted by sephiroth7778
I am using Kazzuya Software Driver ALPHA 1.6.
I have already used oother plug-ins, but it just won't work.
Not all GPUs support the screenshot function. maybe that's the problems. I don't use Kazzuya's, so I can't confirm this.

[]s Badaro
well, F8 works with Pete's GPU Plugins
try to find some screenshots programs at
Yes F8 takes shots in Pete's and Lewpy's plugins. If you want to use kazzuya's you could try getting Aldo's capture to take screen shots. You would just press print screen as usual, but you don't have to stop and save the pic everytime.
It may be worth checking that a subdirectory called SNAP exists under the main ePSXe directory. If not, create it.
My plugin will create the directory if it is not there, but I don't know if everyone else's plugins will. It could cause the plugin a problem if the directory is not there.
Just curious..
What is the average size of a screenies?
BTW I always 900KB per screenie...
Need an example?
Most GPU plugins (certainly Pete's and mine, not checked others) output screenshots as uncompressed 24-bit Windows BMP format (why? because it's easy, and per-pixel correct with the emulated image, except colour-expanded to 24bit).
The size of the screenshot is clearly dependant on the resolution that you run the emulator in. So at 640x480, the file size is roughly 640x480x3bytes = 921600bytes = 900kb. But at 1600x1200, it would be 1600x1200x3bytes = 5760000bytes = 5625kb = 5.49Mb. To be precise, there is an extra 56 bytes of data: 54 bytes header, 2 bytes tail.
If you wish to use the screenshot for some purpose, there are plenty of freeware/shareware/commercial programs that will convert that format to one of the zillion other graphics formats, and allow you to rescale/resample/compress the image to your heart's content :)
I use adobe photoshop 6.0.. Works great with all my screenshots.. Its is rather expensive so, you may want to try something else..
I tried Pete's Open GL plugin, it takes screenshots, but everything runs slow and I can't see all of the game screen. Are there any good GPU plugins I can use?
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