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System menu, unable to boot..

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Can other versions of the Wii system menu be booted in Dolphin besides 1.0 now?

I was reading around and it sounds like others have gotten newer versions of the system menu working on Dolphin.

I dumped my Wii file system from my Wii with Wanikoko's file system dumper, however I just get a black screen when trying to boot it.

My Wii came with Wii Menu/Firmware 3.4 which I downgraded to 3.2 (USA).
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It works with some but I don't really know with which ones...
i'm stuck at the press a to continue. Press a and it fades to black and freeze on 3.2
what build? Also, a reason why some system menu's channels won't work is because of dolphin's system id is different from the system id of the nand?
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