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Well all of a sudden out of the blue my system has trouble booting up.

What happens is I power everything on like normal, hear the regular long Beep it gives me at startup...and then nothing....and eventually it gives another quick beep...and another beep after like another 30 seconds. Till I power down. Nothing is displayed onscreen during this time at all so I can't get into the Bios nothing. And this happens over and over again.
During all this the processing light only blinks at the start and then stays off till it beeps again.

Then I decided to unplug my keyboard (as it was continously getting full power and then no power randomly during all this), my monitor and my mouse.
Exact same thing happens first time, but then after powering down and turning it back on again I get two quick short beeps and then the system starts running and I can plug everything back in again and use my system as normal.

It seems like I have to perform this dance every time now to get into Windows.

What I have tried sofar to fix it:
BIOS update
CMOS reset
System Restore

As I see it three things could be on their way to hell, my graphics card (as the monitor gets no signal during all this until I have basically go it to that state where it's already loading Windows) or my RAM.

The only thing I did which may have ticked the system off is I took the monitor, the mouse and the keyboard out whilst it was running to test my old system (the HDD had been unplugged and I needed to make sure I had plugged everything back in propperly on the old system again)...and then I plugged them back in...updated Windows (Windows Live Messenger, Movie Maker Beta and Windows Live Gallery as well as the files they needed) then disabled Windows Live Messenger from auto-starting through msconfig (which I have done dozens of times before) and shut down the system...only to find something had gone horribly wrong this afternoon when I woke up.

Note by the way that this renders me unable to get into the BIOS or do anything basically before I am in Windows.

So does anyone have an idea what may be wrong? what may be failing? and what may need replacing?

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I have no clue. For some reason, I have to reset my computer in order for anything to display on my monitor, maybe try that?

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Disconnect everything except the mainboard, and see if the issue continues.
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