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Ok....I've been using a sidebar called SmartBarXP for quite some time now, and I totally love what the program does, I just don't like the program itself, and it also it's totally BLAND!!! I've been looking into replacing it with a few programs (btw, this also shows how good this one program is....I need at LEAST 3 programs to replace it) Now, I know I want rainlender for calender....I'm also looking into ObjectDock for a launcher, my problem is a system monitoring software. I want one that is EASILY customizable, and support Motherboard Monitor 5. Now Sysmetrix falls into this except for one area...being EASILY customizable.

Yes, I realize I can go download as many skins for it as my heart desires, however I am limited to the features that the author of that skin decided to include. I have hardly at all managed to find a sysmetrix skin that supports MBM 5, and the couple that did, left out a few things that the others, pretty much by default, ALWAYS include. I looking into coding my own skin, however the way sysmetrix is setup, that task seems pretty daunting. (Please keep in mind that I'm not computer stupid, I just can't seem to wrap my mind around it) Also, I am not a photoshopper, and have no artistic flair, so I doubt I could create a good looking skin, even if I could manage to create a functional one.

So here is what I would like to find. Either a skin that looks good, and supports the options I want, or a different software that is more easily customizable, and has it to where I can just simply choose what I want to display, rather than having to edit the skin and coding to do it.

What I want to be able to display is this: CPU Usage, Ram usage, harddrive space taken, Network data IN/OUT, and support to display temps and fan speeds from MBM 5.

I found one sysmetrix skin that ALMOST did itfor even had cd drive eject buttons and a media player control, along with MBM 5 support, however it didn't have the network in/out...which totally killed it for me. I'm not looking for anything much....just some generic data that I want to be able to display....and I can't find anything that is easy/and or has the right combination. So please....HELP!!!!

Or even a guide that explains a little bit more in laymens terms how to create a skin for sysmetrix would be nice. I think I would enjoy creating one, if I could just have a reference to guide me....

Edit: Also, why don't these big skinning site like have it to where you can search by feature, considering every skin is a different combination of couldn't be that easy....I have to manually browse through 2000 different skins..... :hdbash: :cuss2:
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