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I was told that this movie carries a rich plot and revolves around the political, cultural and economical situation in the Persian gulf ( aka : something that would interest the likes of me :p) so I went tonight to the theater and wasted it. I went there under the impression that this movie will be full of misconceptions about the middle east, but to my surprise, the director (whoever he may be :p ) covered several aspects (which you do not find in your everyday news channel ) correctly. The struggle over power, discrimination & immigrants ( though they aren't technically immigrants, more like hired labor ), the dirty game of politics, corruption, how extremists ( represented by a single man in the film ) take advantage of this situation and recruit members..etc. I can't comment on some parts such as
Lebanon, hezbulla, Islamic radicals
since I have limited information concerning them, but as far as I know, the director got the rest of the aspects correctly. One thing that pained me was the lack of a solid music score. Another thing is how the side stories tie up at the end ; the way they all run together in parallel yet little effort is done in connecting them all together - which makes the story a bit confusing. All in all, it was a good movie, though I wished it covered the deeper aspects such as history, civil rights and power struggle within the Arab leaders themselves.

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