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Old topic, but I never saw it.

I loved playing this game (played it's sequel first). The whole target (and even danger) system built in was very neat for it's time, and even for today perhaps, since games don't seem t do it much. After watching these videos, it looks like the game has aged decently as well.

It's a shame they stopped doing the series. First they made Syphon Filter 3 a Playstation game (was going to be Playstation 2), and I didn't mind that since I didn't have a Playstation 2 at the time, but after the first three, it wasn't as good. Not that the third was bad at all, but the first two were the best. I never actually tried or even read up much on the two PSP titles, but the series pretty much stopped after the Playstation on the consoles, since the other was pretty much an online game (sevrers are shut down now) with a campaign tacked on late in development.

I wish they'd give the series another go. It was top stuff for it's time, and never got popular enough as it deserved.
Haha yeah this topic was posted a week ago. In the mean time I added Stage 1-7. (Finally got my Rumblepad II at Stage 5!) So if you're interested you can check them out by going to my Youtube Profile.

And I agree with what you said. Syphon Filter 3 was good for me that it was released on PSX too, since I didn't have a PS2 yet either. One thing I noticed in 3 though....... I died so damn fast in this one level, the difficulty was ridiculous compared to 1 and 2. Can't remember which level it was however. If I ever do a Syphon Filter 3 playthrough I'll remember it again. :rolleyes:

koko-goal said:
Nice videos xRyudo.
Thanks! :D
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