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Hi there, looking around the forum the speech problem in Syphon Filter seem to be able to be solved using the "-cdinc" command. But does anyone out there know how I could go about implementing it pls?

Also right after I fail a mission (whether it's due to a failed objective or Gabe gets killed), the whole emulator freezes, I usually have to use ALT-CTRL-DEL to forcefully end the program.
Does anyone else have the same problem or know how to solve it pls?

I'm running ePSXe on Win2k, using Pete's OpenGL Drive 1.55 (infact, I've tried all of Pete's gpu drives and also version 1.53 with no improvements), Pete's DSound Audio Drive 1.11, and ePSXe's own W2k CDR.

Thanks for your help all.

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Thanks for the speedy reply Batamax.
Most of the in-game conversation with Lian works now. Thank you.
Although the emulator still freezes (locks up) after a mission failure.
I hope someone out there has a solution to this...

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Hey Batamax, thank you for the suggestion.
Unfortunately I've already tried that along with most other SPU's with no avail. Thanks though.

Below is the specs for the gpu that I use:
Plugin: Pete's D3D Driver 1.1.55
Author: Pete Bernert
GFX card: NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 100/200

- 800x600 Fullscreen - [16 Bit]

- R8G8A8A8
- Filtering: 0
- Caching: 2

- FPS limit: on
- Frame skipping: off
- FPS limit: Auto

- Offscreen drawing: 2
- Framebuffer texture: 0
- Alpha multipass: on
- Mask bit: off
- Advanced blending: none

- Scanlines: off [0]
- Unfiltered FB: off
- Dithering: on
- Full vram: off
- Game fixes: off [00000000]

Also in terms of options:
Enabled the following sound options:
-XA read
(basically everything under sound options except for the option : SPU IRQ always on
-I'm refering to the options tab when using ePSXeCutor)

And enabled MDEC & MDEC timing

Thank you too ryu_joko, at least I know I'm not alone in this.
(now I'll have to find some other outlet other than throw my keyboard into the monitor to let off steam :D )

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I'll be sure to post if I find a solution, but it looks to be one of those problems that just exists without a known solution. :(

Anyways, it was great to see so many responsive replies for this thread.
Thanks all.

Did I mention how fantastic this forum is?
I did?! Well, it doesn't hurt to mention it once again. ;)

I really appreciate all the efforts everyone.
Till next time then.
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