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Issue :
The games works, but there is no speed during gameplay.

Status :
While you can get the speech t work using the "-cdinc" command, it won't stop after a phrase any more.

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Syphon Filter 3

Now speeches works, but game stops (for me anyway) after completing the 3 mission (south africa), just after saving has been completed.
There's the "press X to continue" message, I press X, the CD load someting, and the screen freezes, Pete plugin's OSD cannot be turned on/off. Can escape the emu tho.

I've made a save state and I can send it anywhere needed (as well as the memory card).

Config if needed:
Celeron 900
256 mb of ram
GF2MX400, Dets 21.83
Windows 2000 SP2
Pete's Open GL 1.56b
Pete's CDR 1.9
Pete's Dsound 1.14

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those last 2 problems are essentially the same, you use the -oldtiming (I think that's the right spelling) to run the game up to africa, then after that save exit and remove the switch, voila, finish out the game...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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