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Can somebody tell me if there are emulator software for synthesizers, like Rolands groovesynth (the problem is I would like to have a virtual keyboard also not just a drum machine or similar) If you are famaliar with those groovemachines that have keyboaard + manny efects so you can make your own music maybe you can tell me if there is something similar for PC
Have fun Jauzi

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Not sure I understand, you could either be talking about:

1. Midi composers
2. Midi composer software with keyboard interfaces
3. Custom midi software allowing you to create your own sounds

Which do you mean?

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i think hes referring to VSTi's or Virtual Synthesiser Instruments, there are many about.

samplers/drum samplers are such as Native Instruments Kontakt, Reaktor, Battery, Linplug RMIV.

Instrument wise there is, ReFX Vanguard, Novation V-Station, Superwave, Z3ta+, Scorpion, A-to-D, Atmosphere, Sampletank.

altho atmosphere and sampletank are really samplers, but they usually come with loads of strings and guitars, pianos etc, but they really are for people with a fair bit of money :)

check out there is a load of free instruments on there as well as reviews and demos of commercial instruments, including the ones ive mentioned
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