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Sweet console flash movie

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a little long but very cool watc the whole thing!
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I never had the speed to play FF like that..... :p
Rofl, I loved that! There was a couple parts I was just rolling laughing, it was done so well (eg. the new baby - maybe I'm a pushover, but I thought that was great. ^.~)
i liked it! when a console tried to push XBOX but he said it would take 3 years to make it sale i was on the floor.

damn that was such a fuuny video.

that was sick... tight and awesome in one time :D, I'd love to see it as avi file on my HDD :)
I know, me too! I tried d/l the SWF file but it seems to link to other files. *shrug*
yeah it links to othere files... I'm wondering... if perhaps FRAPS could do the trick :)
It is just too damn funny. I couldn't stop laughing :D

Really, i never thought the xbox would be so supportive :p
Very nice, although I was laughing a bit at some of the techniques the other consoles had hehe.
That was great :) I hope they make a sequal, in a few years with Xbox 2, revolution and PS3 :D
what a shame that PS2 had such episodic role only :p
Very cool flash! Too bad the GC was treated like such a children's machine :p But it was cute seeing all the goodness making birth to the DS. I was expecting a Summon DS spell to kill off the PSP, but I suppose I was wrong.
Snes as Playstation's 'esper' father was especially cool as well^^

Btw, if you take a look at the source and grab the file it refers to - the other files are sequential from 2. IE SF6-2i.swf is the first file, SF6-3i.swf is the second, etc, etc. Slap them all in the same directory and voila.
Hehe, this is one great flash movie, one of the best I've ever seen :D

Xbox attack: Brute force :p
The luigi attack is one of the best parts xD
Perfect, I enjoyed it all. The guy has good sense of humour. Since I can't say the most of it, I can summarise my feeling in that the game really makes sense with PS as terra :p .
indeed it did, and the part about the PS2's lense was so funny cause it's true...

cloudvii are you back???
I liked the Neogeo CD slow loading thingy too :p . But I hated SNES being PS1's father. And the final scene was astonishing and awesome
Saturn Saving PS

off topic : Yes i'm, as I've said in the welcome back therad ^^
SNES being the father of PSX makes pretty good sense to me; you might already know, but I'll mention anyway; originally PS (not PSX) was suppose to support both cartridge as well as CD. Later they changed that and ended up with the PSX we know today. So in a sense, it makes sense.
originally sony was developing a cd-rom add-on for the snes, nintendo dropped it and sony improved, finished and released it as the PSX.
Regarding the SNES as PSX's Father, the reason I loved it is because it is my personal belief that without the SNES' influence, playstation never would have become what it was. SNES was, in my opinion, a magnificent platform - an 'esper' if there ever was one in consoles. We lost a lot in the transition to 3D, but the playstation was brilliant in that it still carried some of the magic that the SNES was so well known for. Realistically, some the different aspects of their relationship that I'm referring to might be purely incidental of the times, and have nothing to do with the original design purpose of the playstation (or Snes CD)... but a piece of my heart leaps when I think back to the old snes days, and is comforted when I remember all the good times I had with my playstation. I just can't get into the new-age swing of things.

Such is life, I suppose.
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