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My Config :

Asus P5QL
Intel Dual Core E5200
gskill 2GB PC8500
Asus EN 8800 GTX
Windows XP SP3
Wiimote + key bluetooth EMTEC

I download a lastest version of dolphin x86 (SVN 2745 and SVN 2760), i put masterkey.bin in forder sys>wii and i have a probleme

Dolphin configuration :
Generale>Basic (Dual core, idle skipping enable)
Advanced setting (All enable)
Wii setting Use EurGB60
OpenGL Settiing (Autoscale, native reso enable, all hack enable)

And i want play Mariokart Wii and i have a bugmessage


And i clik OK and a black screen (no sound, no picture)

But with a version SVN 2195, the game work with a black boxe (30 fps in game) with a save game.

I have an other question, what's a difference Dolphin and DolphinIL ?

Please help me ;)


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Thanks for the answer,

I disable throttle (no sound in game) and i have a message "IOCTL_NWC24_REQUEST_GENERATED_USER_ID" but a game work after click ok.
and i disable optimize quantiziers and progressive scan and i remove masterkey.bin.

What a best version a dolphin to run MK Wii with wiimote and nunchuk ? and a configuration ?

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I don't understand (sorry i'm french )
With SVN 2195 the game work with sound and black box. (so 28/35 FPS)
What version do you use for run MK Wii ? (version more speed) and a configuration ? a tutoriel for me :) ? Please
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