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SVN 2745/2760 probleme (Mariokart wii)

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My Config :

Asus P5QL
Intel Dual Core E5200
gskill 2GB PC8500
Asus EN 8800 GTX
Windows XP SP3
Wiimote + key bluetooth EMTEC

I download a lastest version of dolphin x86 (SVN 2745 and SVN 2760), i put masterkey.bin in forder sys>wii and i have a probleme

Dolphin configuration :
Generale>Basic (Dual core, idle skipping enable)
Advanced setting (All enable)
Wii setting Use EurGB60
OpenGL Settiing (Autoscale, native reso enable, all hack enable)

And i want play Mariokart Wii and i have a bugmessage


And i clik OK and a black screen (no sound, no picture)

But with a version SVN 2195, the game work with a black boxe (30 fps in game) with a save game.

I have an other question, what's a difference Dolphin and DolphinIL ?

Please help me ;)

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r2760 works really bad regarding graphics. You need to disable other audio (throttle) in DSP settings to get ingame. Also don't forget to disable Optimize Quantiziers and Progressive Scan. masterkey.bin is not required by Dolphin now. AboutIL and regular Dolphin - see FAQ.
Thanks for the answer,

I disable throttle (no sound in game) and i have a message "IOCTL_NWC24_REQUEST_GENERATED_USER_ID" but a game work after click ok.
and i disable optimize quantiziers and progressive scan and i remove masterkey.bin.

What a best version a dolphin to run MK Wii with wiimote and nunchuk ? and a configuration ?
There is nothing you need to do, except of connecting Wiimote & Nunchuck. :p
I don't understand (sorry i'm french )
With SVN 2195 the game work with sound and black box. (so 28/35 FPS)
What version do you use for run MK Wii ? (version more speed) and a configuration ? a tutoriel for me :) ? Please
I'm using previous revisions too. Try them now and then go to latest when everything will be fixed.
Ok thanks, what a previous version ? 2749 ? and what's configuration opengl exactly to run MK wii ?

You can see here
I visit a official topic, not version are mentionned

What a better versio to run MK Wii ? and Wii Sport ?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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