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And another news item coming directly from IRC : DominaTor just informed us that the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">SupraHLE page</a> has been updated with the already announced v1.1.0 ! Compared to the other versions, this is a major step as it finally gets more games running than the original version. Here's the complete list of updates and changes :<ul><li>Adds support to Hybrid Heavean and F-Zero
<li>Uses a modified Ucode handling system based upon rom autodetection and internal patches.
<li>Adds the appropriate Ucode to Zelda Majora's Mask (not emulated yet)
<li>Adds FULL support to the z64 files (no need to rename and byteswap those files anymore)
<li>Comes with an Adaptoid/Rumble pack patch
<li>Comes with a Windows executable help file
<li>Comes along with an executable patch : Allows you to activate some gfx hacks (not recommended for Voodoo 3 or banshee card). </ul>Sounds like a worthy update to the good old UltraHLE - congrat to DominaTor for his work. The new zip also includes a new SupraINI (v1.4) which adds some rom entries and cheats for the newly working games. You can download the complete package by clicking <a href="/download/pafiledb.php?action=viewfile&fid=40&id=2">here</a> ! NGEmu's SupraHLE section will be online sometimes tomorrow in the morning when I find the time for it :) Feel free to discuss this release on our <a href="" TARGET="_blanK">message board</a> !
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