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seems the main site is having problems at the moment.. You can get it there above..


Easy selection and configuration of glide wrappers (12 different wrappers).
Easy controllers selection and set up (keyboard, gamepad, adpatoid).
Easy Supra Hle set up (rompath, savepath, resolution, sound, ...).
Easy Supra Hle ini patches settings configuration (roms patches, cheats).
Win98/ME/2k/XP compliant (UltraHLP is not required anymore).
Full 8MB Rdram support.
Better RDram detection.
Aero fighters Asault (U.S) support.
mized Fzero-X patch.
A lot of new ini entries.
Cheats for Zelda.
Fixes a bug that corrupted Zelda OoT's 2d graphics rendering.
Fixes a bug in the recently modified Ucode detection routine.
Zelda Oot Pal 1.0 ini patches rewrote. Game shouldn't freeze no more."
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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