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Hello all!
Just to start this off, you guys are the first i've come to see about my problem i'm having! I've been really hot headed the past few months about this problem and trying to get it resolved. I've been ALL over the internet, searching numerous websites, abusing Google, yahoo, and a ton of other search engines. :( I'm letting you guys know this that way you don't think i've been noobing this out and coming directly you guys at the first sign of a problem. Trust me, I've been trying to avoid it. I'm not much for asking for help. But, anyways, onto my problem:

Like I said, for the past few months, I've been working on this video problem with my ePSXe. I've got the latest version, 1.7.0, and I've tried numerous Video plug ins with TONS of messing around. I've been playing with each plug in. Some crashing on the spot, some producing GREAT graphics but lag, and then some producing nasty graphics, but then I get no lag. My goal i'm trying to achieve is to get good graphics with barely any lag. Everyone says to use Pete's OpenGL2 2.9 Driver, but when I setup everything, I get these errors: "Missing Render-Texture Extension", "No Pixel Format Available", and if I try to do shader effects: "Shader Effects: Missing Custom File!" With all the other plug ins, I get the problems I stated above. The game I'm trying to play is Final Fantasy 8. I know it's not my game, because I've tried playing it off of an ISO, and I've done it off my disks I own, and I still encounter the same problem. I've downloaded numerous ISO's and still no luck.

I've tried the following video plug ins with numerous settings:
Knack's Soft Driver 0.84
Lewpy's 3dfx/Glide 1.40
P.E.Op S. OpenGL Driver 1.78
P.E.Op S. Soft Driver 1.14
P.E.Op S. Soft Driver 1.17
Pete's D3D Driver 1.77
Pete's DX6 D3D Driver 1.77
Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.77
Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.9
[NextGL] 1.12

My system:
HP G50 Notebook
Windows Vista Home Premium SP1
Intel Dual Core 2.00GHZ
Integrated Graphics Card

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks! ;)

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which cutscene?

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Well, I actually worked with it more, and I got D3D to work finally. It was freezing on the cut scene were Rinoa teaches Squall to dance on disc 1. I figured out though that it was my ISO acting up, and I continued off the disk. So far, I've encountered little lag with the settings I'm using. I think with a TAD more tweaking, I should get GREAT results out of this.

Thanks for the help and push in the right direction. I appreciate it.

If anyone is wondering what setting's I used, I'll be glad to share. Just ask. :)
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