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Super Speed????

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I just got epsxe 1.6 running on my PC and I could not be happier with this emulators performance. I do however have one minor problem that is bugging me. I loaded an ISO of "Metal Gear Solid : VR Missions" in epsxe and it runs great except for the fact that it looks like the gameplay is faster than it should be. Not a ton, but it is noticeable.

Does anyone know what might cause this or how I may correct it? Any help would be much appreciated.
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Try using 'PC FPS Calculation' i nthe GPU and SPU Async in the plugin. IIRC that was the game for which that was developed
> I am using Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.57 for video plugin

That's quite outta date. Head to and get the latest (non 2.x) version.

>and I cant find the option you are talking about

It's in 'special game fixes' Make sure the special game fix is enabled.
The SPUASync options are SPU options in the lates PEOPs and Eternal plugins.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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