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Super Robot Wars Online

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Hi there,

i'm a SRW fan and i wanted to make the SRW and the mechas famous here in my country because almost none of them are known (except for grendizer and may be for youngers gundam wing)

So i have created a web game based on the SRW/SRT Series.
I think the game is fun, because so far there are about 500 dialy players who play at the game.

Recently i have put in an english template so a lot of players can understand the game and play.
Super Robot Wars Online is a web based MMORPG, and it' s completely free (of course).
I would like to see in that game world players and not only european players.

I hope this message won't assimilated as spam or something wrong ; there are already severals topics about the game on gamefaqs (SRT MX forum)

This is the basics of the game :

You are the leader of your city, and your goal is to be the most powerfull city of the game. There are 2 ways to make your city grow up :
- explore for free acres (but the bigger your city is, the lesser acres you will find) - attack a nearby city with your mecha, mecha choosen from 22 différents animes, and if you win against the opposite mecha, you will pick up new territories. Your mecha will too defend your city even if you are not online while attacked.

The game system is a turn by turn game.
Every 5 minutes, you will gain 1 turn, up to 300. You can spend your turns as fast as you want, you can play 1 turn every 5 minutes, or you can play all your turns at once. Every player can play at the same time.

Build differents buildings to enhance your profits, upgrade your mecha in a lot of différent ways to have superiority over others mechas, finish in the top10 to become a Hall of Famer, and be the strongest city of the game !

Please feel free to have a visit on the web site and enjoy the game.

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It's no in english and you may have broken he advertising rule (That's up to the admins though)
hmmm, there is an link for english users on the main page i guess, isn't it ?

ohh, about the advert, you mean my post be considerated as spam ?
Well, the site is just a tribute to all SRW players in the world ; i found it fun to have a global game where every fan can interact with each other, and not simply "i have finished the game, to easy" , "you too ?", something like that. I wanted to make a challenge for every SRW player... :)
I don't know if it would be closed or not, that's up to the admins to decide
Player-X said:
I don't know if it would be closed or not, that's up to the admins to decide
It's completely free, so I don't see any harm in this. Would this thread be closed if another member pointed this game out to use? I think not.
This isn't any more illegal than someone asking opinions on a signature or a song... as long as the game is free (which he already pointed out it is) then everything is allright. In fact, a member the other day was asking for MMORPGs, perhaps this can of interest to him...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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