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Super Mario Sunshine [GMSP] (E) - Dolphin 1.03 Shots

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In game and playable, but you are going to need to know the game well, as everything gets culled very close, so you can't see where your going in some places :D
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Zero-kool said:
thats kool but did u use a disk in the drive or rip them onto your comp?
Did you read the STICKY?! And don't revive old threads.
Dave_utopias said:
one year ago you was able to use ver 1.03 with super mario sunshine fully playable...

yeah , really?

i've test it, i'm going in game at 2.0 fps or less(while on memory card checking i get 0.20 fps...)...

how do u have get that speed?
Are you using Dolphin 1.03.2 Beta? Or 1.03?
Post your PC specs.
Dave_utopias said:
i'm using version 1.03 internal beta (so i thinks this is version 1.03.2?)


my pc spec :

Intel pentium 4
geForce 3 Ti 200 last driver-software card (yeah its a bit old , with pcsx 2 i get 11-12 fps or more in game)
2.0 Ghz
256 MB memory
40 GB HD space.
Well, I think that the speed is normal for you.. PCSX2 is more fast and more advanced. If you want more speed, buy a new video card or be patient and wait for new versions (but the speed will be a little more fast)
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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