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Super Mario Advance freezes

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i can play mario 2 but when i select mario 1 and play mario speaks up and says something then it freezes, am i the only one who has this problem
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You need version 0.51 to fix the problem. There was a bug in version 0.5.

On my PC Mario Advance runs slowly, with glitches and imperfect audio. :(
try increasing the frameskip, lowering the sound qulity or disabling sound altogether or increasing the cpu priority.
Yep Mario Advance seems to be working fine now, thankyou. Just tried running Sports Illustrated Football though (worked on the last version) it doesn't seem to work now, the menus up until the first match work fne, but when the game loads the video is all messed up. It's strange though cause Sports Illustrated baseball works fine still and the video seems very similar so I find it wierd that Football now won't work for me. might be something I've changed on me computer that is doing it.
Hmm..maybe try the older version then?or if you did something to your may be that,
Mario Advance is working great now in VBA
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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