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Hey there.

I've been searching through this forum, and after looking through all the results for SDB or Super Duel Box, I'm still unable to find anything that may fix my rumble problem.

My problem is with the rumble and motherboard that is being used in conjunction with this adapter. I know all my settings are correct, for I have got it working on a K7S5A (AMD) and CUSL2 (Intel) systems. However, when using NForce 2 based motherboards, which includes 2 NF7-S and 1 A7N8X, they both result in the emulator just freezing minutes into the game, but only if rumbling occurs.

I have tried everything possible, ranging from:
1. Trying every USB slot on the NForce 2 motherboard.
2. Installing on a K7S5A motherboard, verifying it works, then moving all hardware, CPU, and operating system into a NF7-S motherboard.
3. Tried several different versions of the drivers.
4. Formatting and reinstalling the OS.
5. Trying different emulators. Eg. Project 64 and ePSXe.

Please note that it will work perfectly on the NForce 2 motherboard when rumble is not enabled in the emulator.

Any help would so very much appreciated!

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