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Given that Super Bust a Move is a 'Fully Playable' game in PCSX2 [0.7 - 0.8]. It's about time we had some fun with this emulator, rather than nagging about GTA San Andreas or when FFX will work ;)

So if your an owner of Super Bust a Move [PBPX 95201] (U) (or other regions) see if you can beat my lousey High Score ;)

Tips for speed
Run with Recompiler and VU Recompiler on
Console Output off
GSdx with Fixed Pipeline
SPU2null (for about 2-3 FPS more depending on machine)
Run from an ISO, reduces CDread time

Should get good speeds, personally able to get 25-33 FPS ingame with apps in the background
SBAM > 1 Player > Classic:

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