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I am running Windows Vista on a Dell laptop. I use Project 64 for various ROMS, but when I bought an original N64 controller and a Sumoto USB Adapter, troubles arose.

Although the Driver CD refused to work, when I go to "Control Panel>Hardware And Sound>Game Controllers" it shows up as "4 Axis 16 Button Controller" and is PERFECTLY RESPONSIVE when going from said location to "Properties>Test" and hitting buttons/moving the joystick.

This evidence leads me to believe that I am a newfag at PJ64 and simply do not have the right settings on "Configure Controller Plugin" or "Settings", since the controller SEEMINGLY synced with my laptop correctly. If this theory is true or not, could we please have a full Vista installation tutorial from a veteran emulator?

Thank you immensely for your time,
1j3b3h7 ^_^
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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