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Summer temperatures, lethal to computers?

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Obviously its Global warming, and of course not everyone has an air conditioning, well thats life. Temperature in my area is around 44C.
My computer which usually is around 39C rockets to 50C and up.
Will this seriously bring down computer lifespans??
Here are my comp specs:

ASUS k7v Slot A motherboard VIA KX 133 Chipset
AMD K7V athlon 800mhz
Forsa Geforce2mmx 32mb
Creative Soundblaster live value
US robotics 56K modem
1.44 floppy drive
Quantum 20GB HD 7500RPM
total fans: 3
current total temp: 53C

Is my comp in bad shape? Your reply would be appreciated.
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When a computer overheats it crashes or worse :eyes:. A little too hot may not affect it much, but remember, it's still a physical object, and it wears. Heat :eek: degrades it just a little or a lot more, depending. Just build your computer in a fridge like some guy from Canada did (article in July or August Maximum PC). :D

BTW, 50C is 122F for us Americans ;) .
heh, that's a hot summer day in texas. i only wonder what temperature my comp would hit w/ out ac. and a cooling fan (not that i don't have one) at around 2pm.
I suggest puttin' another system fan in an open card slot. Keep your other cards cool ;) . If you're really scared, you can also put another fan in an open 5.25" slot (CD-ROM), but it soon gets noisy. But no need to worry too much. In a year or so, you wont even wanna be usin' that computer. :D

andré: Holy cow!! :eek: It only goes 110 max here in LA! I salute your bravery or deride your stupidity ;):D:p.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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