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Suikoden Graphics

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Hey, when playing suikoden the characters dont look pixelated as much as they look like they were done with pastels, I want it to look like how it originally looks like. I can't really explain it other than that, but I think it has something to do with D3D games looking better like this. So, what do I use?
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what are your computer specs? ill recommend some plugins.
as a first step, drop filtering to 0 if it's not there already.
but yeah there are more 'accurate' plugins out there.
Very old topic bump lol, but kind of what i am looking for i have been using various plugins and i either have suikoden looking like a pastel drawing or pixelated to death. Just wish it could look like what it does on my actual ps or there abouts.

If anyone has some recommended settings or any suggestions it would be appreciated


You will probably never get it it look like a real PSX with a PC monitor. You will probably need to use TV-Out and P.E.Op.S SoftGPU with filtering disabled to get something similar.
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