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As with the latest release of PCSX2, I got horrible FPS during combat and parts of the game with fire/smoke in Suikoden 3... around in the 40 FPS.

As I just finished Suikoden 2, I was really hoping to be able to play this so I decide to try out the 1475 beta.

It works pretty damn well...

E8400 dual core 3GHZ - OC'd to 3.6 ghz
4 Gigs of ram
Vista 64

GSDX 1475
Direct3d 10 res 1536 x 1536

Speed Hacks
x2 cycle rate
INTC Sync Hack
Status Flag Hack
VU Cycle Stealing (Moderate)

Everything on left side checked except microVU1 (Tons of artifacts if this is checked, but microvu0 makes it work like a charm)

I couldn't really find anything on this, but if it is just common knowledge, you can remove the thread, though I tried searching everywhere and couldn't find anything.
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