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suggestions for the next version and...

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.. first off, epsxe is the best psx emu i have ever used. you guys have done a spectacular job and have brought me hours of free entertainment- thanks. i loved watching zsnes grow and i see a great future ahead for this emu as well. do you guys ever quit? :)

anyway, a few things for the next version of epsxe. i run whistler 2505 (or whatever version has to be out this week) and whenever i start the emu, it is always in the top leftmost corner. remembering last current position from within the emu would be sweet. (if there is a reg hack to do this, please lemme know.)

now this next request i truly dont expect. i recently bought a gravis eliminator aftershock so i'd get the rumble feature. of course, the rumble feature isnt supported under the nt kernel (thanks for putting THAT on the box, gravis, you 8astards.) with the development of the burutter and other shock features, i am wondering if it's possible to use what has been done there to get the aftershock to work. cuz you guys have a way better chance of pulling it off than those morons at gravis! :)


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While we're on the subject of control pads, support for POV hats would be nice. I have both an AxisPad and a HammerHead FX, both from InterAct. In Win2K (I use it for reasons of stability), both of their D-pads come out as POV hats, and there's no way for me to change them short of disabling one of the analog pads. This makes it tough to play a game like Ape Escape (which makes FULL use of the dual analog system and uses the D-pad to boot).

I can't find any tool (that'll work in Win2K) that can reassign the D-pad, and this is about the only thing (core-wise) besides simple compatibility that's still annoying me.

Sorry if I seem like I'm repeating myself, but the lack of reply makes me wonder if anyone is reading it, that's all. Any help on the matter would be appreciated.
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