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i've been thinking..... the old has game review, pad review etc.... now its gone(well i think)
since many members here post their review on their games why dont you get some people here who are willing to review a game...
its very usefull :D :D :D
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If i make a review you'll see a lot of 4 letter words even if the game is good, :evil::evil::evil:
no something like:

yeah! this **** of a game is so awesome, too bad the controls are ****, but the main character is so *****ing you can forgive all that. Except when you're *** so that you wont like the characters great assets! .. something like that.. :heh:.. (this is if the game is good)

(if it's bad)
****! ****! ****! this is bullshit! all the controls are sooo **** it sucks allt the way to kingdom come! You'd expect that the charater could do more, but not only does she look like a retarded ****, she looks like she sucks the **** of an elephant.. yeah.. something like that.. ehe :heh: j/k


and this is on a good day.. im pretty sure i could do better tho.. :evil:
Originally posted by Ryos
Xeven: the sad thing is I got some serious reviews for the site I ran that were WORSE than that. I had to translate the English reviews to real English. And yes, these were from a native English speaker. :p It's stuff like that that probably doesn't help the chances of bringing back the reviews any.
awww.. shucks! and i thought that i had a chance! :evil:.. well if we can't do the reviews then i'll cook something up.. :evil:..

seriously, i've been having some thoughts of programming some tools and stuff.. err.. umm.. never mind.. :heh: :evil:
Well howbout making a sample review and posting it here FireGL..;)
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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