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sudeki pc

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has anyone played sudeki on the console? is it good?

im thinkin about buying the pc version :)
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Pretty good game (and pretty annoying sometimes) but there are two things that I don't like: the battles often turn into mindless carnage and that FPP-like view ;) Overall it has decent graphics, interesting story (at least for me :p) and good music (but not even touching the one from Xenogears, but hey - it's my opinion again). In Poland it's currently sold along with CD-Action magazine, so I'd have to spend only about $6.50 for it (19.90 PLN to be exact :), but since it won't run on my GF2 MX I'll pass it... I've played it on Xbox anyway.
Sounds interesting, is it worth tracking down a copy?
Guyver2K5 said:
has anyone played sudeki on the console? is it good?

im thinkin about buying the pc version :)

I've heard good things about it from others but I have yet to play it myself. I found this English review. It might help you with your purchase.

(it also needs some type of update to fix some hardware issues)
I have the X-Box version. It's really not a bad game, just annoying at times. It's pretty linear and the level-up areas are hard to find. I stopped playing due to the fact that I'm stuck, even the normal area enemies are a little too hard.

Aside from that it's pretty decent. I hadn't realized a pc version was released, might have to pick it up. Personally I enjoyed Jade Empire more, but I think that's just for X-Box at the moment.
thnx guys im definetly gonna purchase this game :D

itll hold me over till FABLE PC lol :thumb:
I can't wait either. I think it's release date is 9/20. It's supposed to be much better than the X-Box version due to most of the stuff they removed (or didn't finish, which ever way you want to look at it). I just hope I'm not disappointed again.
What are the minimum requirements for it? I can't find them on the official website.
As read on, I'm not real sure how correct they are. I looks like I'm going to have to beef up mine for Fable.

Fable: The Lost Chapters
Current preview system requirements
1.4 GHz Processor
64MB Shader Capable 3D Card
256 MB RAM
Windows XP
3 GB Hard Drive Space
Recommended Prewiew system requirements
2.5 GHz Processor
128 MB Nvidia GeForce 4 and Greater or an ATI Radeon 9800 and Greater
512 MB RAM
Windows XP
3 GB Hard Drive Space

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Pentium III 800, 256MB RAM, DVD-ROM Drive, 32MB ATI Radeon 8500 or GeForce 3 or higher video card, 16-bit sound card, Internet connection, Keyboard, Mouse
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don't believe the requirement. this game requires 9800pro or geforce 6600 or better to be enjoyable. there's no adjustable graphic options except resolution and shadow. the framerate jumps between 30 to 60fps a lot on xp 2400+ and ti4400.
I just bought the game from store, but I have a few problem here. After I install the Sudeki game, I download the update from it's official website and install the update. The problem is that I can see the intro movie, but when I go in-game(which mean player control), the screen is all black, I still can hear the sound. I can see the FMV clearly. I am using Geforce 4 MX 4000. Any idea why this happen?
JohnLai said:
(..)I am using Geforce 4 MX 4000...
There's the answer. GF 4 MX doesn't support Pixel Shaders which are requied in order to play Sudeki. You may mess up a little with 3D Analyzer, it may work.
just finished Sudeki (PC) recently, pretty good game, the realtime combat is enjoyable imo, one of the good points in the game (and you also see blood and gore if you overkill an enemy).
Voice acting is horrible though, they talk like robots and they have a "predefined" animation when talking, no really unique emotions.
Graphics are quite decent, realtime self-shadowning gives more beauty to the graphics, runs well on my 6600GT. Character models are not very good though, they look like anime character rejects.
Gameplay aint very long, but i guess its just fine, and the ending is WTF!!!

the game has really good potential, if they put more effort into it im sure it would be better.

there's also some technical issues on the PC version, fighting certain enemies causes the game to slow down bad, this is caused by sound files not working right, swapping the sound files of certain enemies will fix this, or turn off sound effects during combat.

next game: Fable: The Lost Chapters (btw, i heard the game was leaked before it was released?)
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I didn't like it at all, I have the PC version, posted some pics on the pc screenshots forum.

I have Sudeki, and I have really been enjoying the game. The excellent combat system is core to the expierence, which will undoubtably be a divisive issue among the gaming population. The background story is interesting, although as noted before the voice acting is quite bad. The stereotypical representation of various accents according to race and/or country of origin strikes me as both unnecessary and out of step with a fantasy theme where one would assume that neither scottland or china exists.

The game itself is still quite fun to play however, as a lot of good video game conventions make an appearance whose functionality is not to create 'realism', but rather to facilitate ease of play and enjoyability. Prime examples being the easily remembered and semi-static spawn spots as well as things like chests appearing when a group of enemies is defeated.

The game makes a suprisingly successful mixture of first person shooter and third person hack and slash, with the RPG elements of leveling up and skill growth adding just enough flavor to keep it entertaining.

The graphics really are quite nice, although ATI users should be aware that the real time shadows need to be turned off in order to maintain system stability. This isn't just coming from me, the recommendation comes from the games homepage, which also has a recent patch that fixes nearly all issues. ( )

The music is pretty standard fair, as is the sound effects.

Although no particular feature stands out above and beyond anything seen before, the overall final product is an enjoyable above average 3D hack'n'slash RPG that is probably worth your time and money, especially if you need something to tide you over until Fable comes out.

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Yeah, Im currently playing that game and I really like the feeling it has.
I'm more of a console rpg player that's why I like this game, and the colors
and the towns look really nice.
The one problem that I have is like stated before of the slowdowns in combat,
at first I thought that my pc froze but it was because of maybe the sound files.
Does anybody know how to fix that?
'Cause not even the update did it.
its the sound files, as i stated on my previous post some enemies sound files are rather unoptimized/corrupted that it almost halts the system down, the only workaround so far is by changing the sound files or disabling sound effects during a specific slowdown.
(an unnoficial fix is also available on
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