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stupid book

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hey guys, we have to read this book, the hound of the baskervilles, and a friend of mine really isn't getting it at all, so if anyone knows a great site for some cliff notes it would be really appreciated....thanks!!
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Boltzmann said:
If you want to read the entire book online check out
Wow, that's a great site. I always suspected there must be a few places that hosted some of the classics that are now in public domain but I was never able to find a decent one before now. Some of the books there, like 1984, I've been meaning to read for a while now too. As for that other link, too many funny looking symbols for me to understand :p.
seiken said:
thanks alot guys, but see we are looking for it at school and half the sites are blocked, i tried google and they are all blocked as well, but thanks so much, you guys are alot of help! Lotsa love for ngemu!! thanks guys.....
Hmm, now why would a school block sites containing educational material? Lemme guess, they use websense right? If you want to bypass that annoying thing I can post some public proxies for you to use.
Kirby said:
I did my research on bypassing content filtering....most likely the IT people also blocked proxies as well. So there is a great invention called CGI Proxy you can use....
Unfourtunately websense blocks virtually every CGI proxy site in existance. It doesn't however block most normal proxies because there are so many of them and they change too often to keep up with. The only problem is that it does block most of the public proxy index sites so you'll have to print out a fresh list of working proxies from a comp that isn't filtered whenever you think you need some.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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