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stupid book

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hey guys, we have to read this book, the hound of the baskervilles, and a friend of mine really isn't getting it at all, so if anyone knows a great site for some cliff notes it would be really appreciated....thanks!!
1 - 3 of 16 Posts is always an excellent resource. Cliff notes for Hound of the Baskervilles, by Arthur Conan Doyle can be found in the following link:

If you want to read the entire book online check out

BTW, you can always google for hound of the baskerville +cliff notes for additional links. Remember, Google is your friend ;)

Hope this helps ;)

BTW, it's not a stupid book, but a fine piece of literature :p
The description of the fabric of reality sounds more like music to my ears (and damn good music, for that matter).

Ever read about Calabi-Yau manifolds and it's applications to superstring theory? If it's not pure music then I don't know what it is :p

But really, cosmology is very exciting to read and it can sound like fine literature if in the hands of a skilled writer ;)
__Xzyx987X said:
Wow, that's a great site. I always suspected there must be a few places that hosted some of the classics that are now in public domain but I was never able to find a decent one before now. Some of the books there, like 1984, I've been meaning to read for a while now too. As for that other link, too many funny looking symbols for me to understand :p.
Check out for your literary needs as well ;)
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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