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Greetings. I've been playing Breath of Fire 5 for a while and somehow I'm slightly running out of Save Tokens :emb:

My question is the following: I read that there's another method of saving in this game apart from the Telecorders - one that gets deleted upon loading. Unfortunately I didn't find any proper documentation to this, so ... I'd like to know if anyone can tell me...

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If you're groaning at the concept of having a limited number of saves in an
RPG, don't worry! The way your items get reset is a blessing as well as a
curse, because you can use it to get your last Save Token back after you use
it. This is especially useful in the NTSC version where Save Tokens are much
harder to come by. Here's the step-by-step procedure to do this. You can only
do it somewhere where there is both a telecorder and access to the Item Locker
(in other words, Jaju. The Momo-lookalike who identifies things for you and
lets you access the locker) - if there's just a telecorder, this won't work.

Step 1: Talk to Jaju and put all your items in the locker. Later on in the
game your inventory space will increase but the locker won't, which
will put you in a bit of trouble. But, by that point you will probably
also have a bit of zenny to spare, so just store the valuable items
that can't be bought (Gold XPs, 7th Senses, etc) and with whatever
space you have left, the most expensive or rare healing items you
have. Cheap healing items can just be bought again after you've done
the trick.

Step 2: Confirm that the only items left in your inventory are items you are
prepared to lose, and your last Save Token (which you can't put in the
locker at all). Only do this trick with your LAST Save Token, or
you'll just be wasting whatever extra ones you have on you.

Step 3: Go to the telecorder and save using the token. Now, open the menu,
hold L2 and press X to choose Give Up, and then SOL Restore. This will
increase your Retry count by one but the Retry count doesn't affect
anything other than your sense of perfectionism.

Step 4: Now load the game you just did an SOL Restore over. You will be back
where you were, but you'll have saved, and you'll have 5 Heal Kits,
1 Tonic, and 1 (or 9, PAL users) Save Token in your inventory. As you
might imagine, PAL users won't have to do this very often, but NTSC
ones will have to do it for most of their saves.

And, as you might have noticed, if you store the Heal Kits and Tonic you got
in the Item Locker and perform the trick again, you'll get another 5 Heal Kits
and 1 Tonic. Low on healing items and money at the start of the game? Just SOL
Restore and start stockpiling! Those Tonics sell for a fair bit then, also :)
Just remember, never go anywhere without at least one save token on you or
you'll be SOL (haha).
i imagine this is what you'd be looking for. it's not so much another method of saving, but some sort of loop hole. i played the pal version, so save tokens weren't an issue.

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No, that wasn't it. I read in some FAQ that you could save anywhere without using Save Tokens, however that save gets deleted upon loading it preventing you from - sort of - cheating (similar to the owl saving system in Zelda: MoM). I just wonder how it works...

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I tried that. Upon selecting "Continue" in the main menu ... well ... there was my Telecorder save, but nothing else. How do I actually reload my game?
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