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I know this is a dumb question but I'm on disc 2 when balamb first starts flying and I go down to the 2nd floor deck after talking to Cid and after the movie scene I can't exit the deck. Could someone tell me how to get off. Also, I was wondering if by playing the game on an emulator if that is causing some type of glitch.
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Thats not a bug. The exits just hard to see.

Can you take a picture.
Here you go.

If i remember correctly, you have to press a button to open the door.
X, square or O should do the trick.
problem is it won't let me climb up the stairs. thanks though, i'll keep trying.
Can i have a save state.

EDIT: Just remembered something.
Please check the new file.

You can still give me the savestate if you need help.
Ill check it for you.
I can't compress the file enough with rar or zip. If you don't mind me emailing it to you I could do that.
Apparently, many people seem to have had this same problem. It appears to be a bug with ePSXe itself (from what some posts suggest, anyway). Unfortunately, all the responses don't exactly suggest a clear or definite solution, but a few ideas are thrown out. If none of those work, perhaps someone can pass that point for you.
Weird... this is another common FF bug that I've encountered on my actual PlayStation (the other being the Bugenhagen projection in FF7's Ancient City). In fact, I think this room was the very last thing that my PlayStation ever displayed; after this I gave up on it and locked the console in my closet.

Seeing this makes me wonder if maybe my PlayStation's in slightly better condition than I thought - 'dying,' rather than 'dead.' Though two years of dust has probably helped it make that final leap.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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