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Stuck Legacy Of Kain:defiance

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Hi, there I've finished all Of Legacy Of Kain series but I'm trying2finish legacy of kain defiance.

I'm stuck at "V O R A D O R 'S M A N S I O N" I've looked at few walkthrough's but I dont seem to understand they all seem2be same.

this is a copy of walkthrough of where I'm stuck:
Now head back through the hallway away form the Water Zone. Go through
either hall to the main room. See where the hall you walked form before
the first conduit and this room meet? To the left side is a painting. Use

TK to blast it down. There is a Health Talisman behind it.

Now go to the entrance of Vorador's Mansion and scale the wall to the
right of the door. Shift and phase through the broken window and go to
the conduit in the middle of the courtyard. Scale the wall right of the
mansion and use the conduit on the walkway once more. Now head across to
the other walkway via the pillars and shifting again. Go into the room
you got the Heart Seeker form and shatter the painting to the right side
for another Tome. Head back to the room with the Gargoyles in it.

Back in the Water Zone, use an airjet to glide to the second floor with the
gargoyles on it. Go through the firedoor and head down the hill to where
you lit all those braziers.

You will notice little red and green symbols by each brazier. Extinguish
the fires that meet a green symbol. Now go through the door for a short

Go back up the hill all the way to the stone structures again. Jump up the
pillar to the left and go around the top stones. Glide to the window
above and down the hall to the Blue Door. Now you will be back in the
library again.

There is a tome behind the window to the left of the statue. You must
shatter it.

Use the Library Seal on the door behind the statue.

- Items: -
Health Talismans:
1) In the Water Shrine in one of the tombs on the first floor.
2) After the first conduit there are paintings left and right of
the entrance to the hall you came out of. The one on the left
side is breakable after you spear the Gargoyle on the right side.
3) The first tower near the place you get the Silver Half of
Vorador's Crest. Go to the second floor turn up the brightness
and break the cracked wall after getting the Heart Seeker.

Telekinetic Runes:
1) In the room above the stone structures beyond the Fire Door; down
the hall and to the left.
2) Behind the cracked wall nearest the Soul Stealer's Gargoyle.

Ancient Tomes:
1) Behind the glass window to the left of the statue in the library.
Spear the Gargoyle on the left first.

2) The painting to the right of the door in the other spear room.
The gargoyle on the right must be impaled in the Water Zone.
- Enemies: -
Large revenants: These baddies are a bit more durable than their
smaller brethren. They are almost as easily

As with most enemies the Fire Spell works wonders
in a bind. Note that these guys can jump up to
ledges Raziel is standing on.

that's it
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Which part are you stuck in? I mean where are you in the walkthough you posted? A certain room, puzzle what?
in the start of this walkthough I cannot see the same objects or stuff what it says on this
in the start of this walkthough I cannot see the same objects or stuff what it says on this
Have you tried to go thru the mansion without the help of the walkthrough? Sorry if I am wrong but it seems like you are playing the game while reading the guide. Give it a shot on your own first, and when you really get stuck somewhere maybe then you should consult the guide.
I've come this far without the any giude and walkthrough's
I only used this walkthrough on V O R A D O R 'S M A N S I O N
you are overlooking something....remember places you can scale LOOK different than a normal all.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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