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Stuck in Tales of Destiny II

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Galenos said he wants to go to Seyfert Observatory, but when I go there, he just sits in the engine room and does nothing...shouldn't something happen?
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I've tried there - but all the faqs just talked about the cutscenes that occur automatically when you go there... :-(
Maybe your game crashed, try looking for scrtaches on your CD, or remaking your ISO
Well, the game hasn't crashed or anything - nothing freezes or hangs's just that the story doesn't continue...the game runs normally, but the stupid dude won't do anything. >_<;;
Dunno, talk to him... or try using a memorycard instead of savestates :p
lol - I do use a memory card. xD And he just keeps saying he needs to go the Observatory...even if I'm there. xD
Run around then, just do something to trigger a new event :s
This reminds me how I get stuck in Prince of Persia because a stupid event didn't start.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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