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Stuck in a game due to SOME commands not working.

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Hey, my controller is a Joytech Xbox360 controller. I have bount L2 to Left Trigger and R2 to Right Trigger. L1 and R1 are the Bumpers, respectively.

Now, in Medievil 2, I can use L/R2 to pan the camera, so they are working..kinda.

When I press L2 + R2 for the Dan-Cam (A first-person camera needed for parts of the game), nothing happens! :( How can they work..but not work? o_O

Please help?
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Can anyone help? :( I am stuck at the part where you are a Dan-hand and hiding under tables from monsters. I can't see the bloody monsters since I can't seem to get first-person mode to work.
Well according to GameFAQs, you're supposed to hold down L2 + R2 to enter first person view.

Other than that, double check that the ingame options aren't set to something besides the default control scheme.
I do hold them down and I have not messed with the in-game control scheme. As I said. L2 pans the camera left. R2 pans it right. Hold L2 and R2 does...nothing. x.x The controls SAY it should do the first-person mode but I held them for 30 seconds with nothing happening.
It's a problem with the DInput support on Micro$oft drivers for the X360 controller. Use XBCD if you have a wired controller, or just assing those buttons to your keyboard.

Basicly, both triggers share one axis, so when you press both the final value is 0 (as if none is pressed). Blame Micro$oft for that.
What is XBCD? The controller is wired, yes.
link'in my sig.
How does it work? I installed it but nothing seems to have happened. o_O

Also, on the test, both right and left trigger set off the left trigger. It also reads my LB press as RB and my RB press as LB. This is in the little test program that comes with XBCD
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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